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HoudahSpot 2: Beta Edition

HoudahSpot 2 has finally entered beta stage. What a relief!

The beta is available by invitation only to registered users. Please email me if you are interested. Leopard is required.

What's new (partial list):

- Complete rewrite for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
- All-in-one interface: results are shown next to the search query
- Live editing of queries: you may change criteria without stopping the running query
- Exclude files by location: alongside a scope for the search you may define a list of places to ignore
- Limit output by attribute. E.g. show only the 100 most recently modified files
- Unlimited customizability of result columns: Show and sort by any attribute you can think of
- Preview files using Apple's QuickLook
- Copy-paste support. You can copy from the result list to your favorite text editor or spreadsheet
- Customizable global shortcuts
- ...

Don't miss:

- Templates
- Default template. This is the most powerful concept in HoudahSpot

What is gone:

- The file browser is gone. I doubt many used it. Many actually commented that they did not understand its purpose
- French and German localizations

What will be added before 2.0 GM:

- Some kind of AppleScript support (input, feature request are appreciated)
- Ability to copy or alias files
- The Help documentation will be rewritten for HoudahSpot 2.0
- A crash catcher/reporter