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Naming a blog

You might have noticed: I have restarted my blog. New design. New content. New technology (RapidBlog). New RSS feed. Hopefully more frequent post.

The first step was to get a Blogger account. And then one is asked for the new blog's name. Good one. That seemingly easy step took me days.

First you need to come up with an idea. Well ideas are easy to get, but identifying the good ones is much less so. Granted the implications are nowhere near those of deciding in which idea to invest 6 months of your time to create a shareware application.

So I explored anything related to Cocoa (obviously), Java, coffee, ... and rabbits. Turns out (almost) all the good names are already taken.

And then I ran into the prefect name: Sterculiaceae. This is the name of a plant family which includes both the cocoa tree and the cola plant. The source of many things good!

After letting the idea settle for a day or two, it dawned upon me: nobody will be able to remember, much less to spell that name. Bummer.

The next idea didn't make me wait for long. Better yet, the name was still available on Blogger. You are currently reading "C-OO-ffeine: Get the OO kick!". That name is a peferct blend of what I do (OO architecture) and what drives me (caffeine).

Welcome to my new blog

This blog is going to focus on subject matters related to running my own company: Houdah Software.

I'll try to report on progress in developing HoudahSpot 2, HoudahGeo as well as future products. On this blog I am going to dissect my experiences running a "Mac Small Business" and being an "Indie developer": marketing decisions, effects on sales numbers, ...

I also hope to publish the occasional Cocoa or WebObjects code snippet. BTW, I am about to launch a major WebObjects open source project: Houdah WebObjects Frameworks. This will surely get extensive coverage on this blog.