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HoudahSpot 2.6

HoudahSpot 2.6 improves integration with other applications by the way of Mac OS X services. HoudahSpot itself provides a "BlitzSearch" and a "Search Location" service.

HoudahSpot 2.6 brings many more enhancements:

▪ HoudahSpot 2.6 adds toolbar buttons for "Add ALL Group", "Add ANY Group" and "Add NONE Group".
▪ A "Search Location in HoudahSpot" service is now provided in the Finder as well as in other applications working with files.
▪ Users may narrow down a search by command-clicking folders in the path control at the bottom of the window.
▪ The grid view now has a slider to adjust icon size.
▪ The grid view now provides the same contextual menu as the list view.
▪ One may now see the MDQuery string passed to Spotlight.
▪ Clicking a "+" button on a criterion row duplicates the current row. This makes it easier than ever to refine a search.
▪ HoudahSpot 2.6 improves integration with other applications through Mac OS X services. Services are also available for the contextual menus.
▪ The BlitzSearch service is now enabled by default under Snow Leopard.
▪ Result list font size is adjustable and preference is persisted.
▪ HoudahSpot 2.6 features new toolbar and preferences icons by Lars Herrmann.
▪ The keyboard shortcut for item deletion has been changed to match other applications.

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