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Challenge met: WWDC food got even worse

In the past year, Monday brought us the only hot meal for the week. No so today. We stared the week with anti-ecological gruesome sandwich platters. Not only you get a plastic box to throw away. You also get a lot of sides which you may or may not like. Much of which ends in the trash. Apple, make food at WWDC optional We are eating out anyways!
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Houdah WO frameworks: Sample application

Right in time for the presentation at WOWODC 2008, I have created a demo / sample application for Houdah WebObjects Frameworks. HoudahMovies is a bare minimum demo application for HoudahAgileComponents. It does not use custom actions, controllers, views or cells. It does however show how a CRUD application may be created using a small set of rules and no code at all.HoudahMovies should serve as a starting
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