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HoudahSpot 2: One week later

It's been one week since the release of HoudahSpot 2: Leopard Edition.There is much to be said about HoudahSpot 2. It's been a complete rewrite. So I could talk about code. I could talk about features. The list of new features is impressive.But there is one thing that probably not many will notice, despite it being somewhat of a revolution. HoudahSpot 2 is priced in Euros.Well the US Dollar isn't doing
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What's next, Houdah?

It's been a week since I have released HoudahSpot 2: Leopard Edition.Actually such a major release is a process which spans over several days. Of course there is some preparation. E.g. the web site was updated long before the actual release. Even after the cut off date there is still some work to do. I for one send out complimentary licenses to all the people who I feel deserve some recognition. These
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Release time. What a relief!

Minutes ago I have released HoudahSpot 2: Leopard Edition. The press release will go out tomorrow.Despite having a known name, HoudahSpot 2 actually is a brand new product. This makes it my third commercial product release. Still I have only 2 out there. Indeed HoudahSpot 1.5 has retired to Freeware-land.I must admit that I had doubts about going 2.0 with HoudahSpot. It's been quite some time since
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Considering AppleScript support

I have just pushed HoudahSpot 2.0b2 (Leopard Edition) out the door. It has taken giant steps towards release quality. Kudos to all beta testers!One thing is still missing: AppleScript support. This has been requested in the past. My plans were to include basic support in 2.0. Now I am not quite sure it will make it into 2.0.The main problem with AppleScript is that I hardly ever use it myself. Thus
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HoudahSpot 2: Beta Edition

HoudahSpot 2 has finally entered beta stage. What a relief!The beta is available by invitation only to registered users. Please email me if you are interested. Leopard is required.What's new (partial list):- Complete rewrite for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard- All-in-one interface: results are shown next to the search query- Live editing of queries: you may change criteria without stopping the running query-
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The iPhone temptation

Almost a year ago, in January 2007, we were on ski holiday in the Swiss Alps. Christian Trotobas called with news from the Macworld keynote. Steve Jobs had just announced the iPhone.We went to the nearest WiFi hotspot (and shared a connection over a FireWire cable) to get the details. Apple had indeed reinvented the phone. The iPhone combines everything you want to carry around: phone, organizer, music
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FreeRice.com: Feed your brain

I just stumbled across an interesting site. FreeRice.com combines vocabulary trainer and charity. FreeRice has two goals: * Provide English vocabulary to everyone for free. * Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.For each word you get right, FreeRice donates 10 grains of rice through the United Nations. So far 782,877,540 grains of rice have been donated.This is made possible
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Taming feature bloat

You may have guessed it: HoudahSpot 2 is running behind schedule. The original idea was to release HoudahSpot 2 the day Leopard is released. For quite a few good reasons, this idea was dropped quite a while ago. I however hoped until very recently to get a private beta out this week. Didn't happen. I am still at least a week from beta.The next version of HoudahSpot will be called HoudahSpot 2.0. It
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