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ACTCurrency Free for iPhone / iPod Touch

This week only, ACTCurrency is available for FREE on the iTunes App Store.

All I ask for is for you to write a review on iTunes. Blog entries are welcome too. So are emails with feature suggestions or bug reports.

The target audience for ACTCurrency is travellers. ACTCurrency may handle any currency. For 35 major currencies, it additionally supports automatic exchange rate updates. As ACTCurrency always performs currency conversion both ways, it serves to answer both questions you may ask when faced with a price in a foreign currency. "How much is this in my home currency?" "How does the price back home convert to the local currency?"

ACTCurrency has been slapped by bad reviews from users who failed to read the simple instructions. Most importantly however, the recent release of ACTCurrency 1.2 addressed the main concern voiced by users: automatic updates to exchange rates. It is time for these reviews to be pushed from front page.