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Live from Macworld

Today is the last day of the Macworld Expo 2008.
I am exhausted! I've been working the booth all week. Been on my feet, talking (loudly) to countless people, ... for about 8 hours straight each day. Never took more that 15 Minutes off. 1 or 2 breaks a day. Being a single person company can be hard work. But, boy, is this exciting.
Couple of thoughts:
- The ADC booth is really nice
- Macworld allowed me to make contacts I couldn't ever have made otherwise (resellers, journalists, book authors, ...)
- People show much more interest in HoudahGeo than in HoudahSpot
- I discovered new uses for HoudahGeo (travel agents, environmentalist documenting forrest damage, ...
- I had waaaaaaaaaaay to many flyers. Of the 4000 I will hand out less than 1000
- I didn't have enough business cards. People love business cards. I don't.
- Demoing makes you uncover bugs.
- People don't seem to notice bugs if you just keep talking, close the window and move on.
- Releasing new features before Macworld was not all that useful. I don't get to show all features in a single demo anyway
- Releasing Google Earth geocoding was a good thing to do. This is a killer feature for demos.
- I already got nice press from Macworld's Rob Griffiths. Hoping for a Macworld review now :-D