Pierre Bernard

My little hideout on the net

Honeypot: Cracked software?

On a dark corner of the loneliest street stands Lord Semtex. He ain't no Lord. Nor Lady. Nor Lair. He hacks. He cracks. Disassembles. Swaps bytes. Patches assembler. Speaks machine language with his peers. He's a master of his craft. A hax0r crack!

His breakfast serial box holds many a surprise. KCN screw. License files. Keygen. What he doesn't unlock himself he gets from Rapidshare.

By the moonlight he stands. His trenchcoat holds his warez. You get a furtive look at his filez. Freshly unlocked Houdah software. Bright shine the icons of HoudahGeo and HoudahSpot.

Suddenly your conscience speaks. What's that noise? The moaning of a developer trying to nourish his family.

You want to keep with the law. Earn a full license legally. Access to customer support. Update rights.

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