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HoudahGeo updates

Seems like I forgot to blog the recent updates to HoudahGeo.
HoudahGeo indeed saw two major updates. HoudahGeo 2.0 was a big step taken just in time for a Macworld Expo release. It brought a truckload of enhancements:
▪ Enhanced time zone support
▪ Extended GPS device support
▪ Access to Aperture masters
▪ Access to iPhoto originals
▪ Lightroom 2 integration
▪ Waypoint geocoding
▪ Improved reverse geocoding
▪ Map inspector panel
▪ Track log inspector panel
▪ Flickr sets support
▪ ...

HoudahGeo 2.1 brings integration with
locr.com and CDFinder. It is now possible to upload photos directly from HoudahGeo to locr. There photos may be viewed in context with location descriptions and similar photos.
HoudahGeo 2.1 also added a number of smaller refinements including a contextual menu.