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Considering AppleScript support

I have just pushed HoudahSpot 2.0b2 (Leopard Edition) out the door. It has taken giant steps towards release quality. Kudos to all beta testers!

One thing is still missing: AppleScript support. This has been requested in the past. My plans were to include basic support in 2.0. Now I am not quite sure it will make it into 2.0.

The main problem with AppleScript is that I hardly ever use it myself. Thus I have a very hard time assessing needs. Actually I spend about as much time trying to toss together a test script than I spend on the Cocoa side. It's always hard to know if it is my script or HoudahSpot who is misbehaving.

So currently I am thinking I should support the following:

- get the currently selected results from the application
- get all results from a given document

I expect scripts to read something like this:

tell application "HoudahSpot"
tell document 1
get every resultItem
choose from list result with title "Items" with prompt ""
end tell
end tell

tell application "HoudahSpot"
set sel to the selection of application
end tell

OK, I know the above scripts are probably not correct. I do appreciate feedback on how to correct them.

More importantly thought I would like to hear your needs for HoudahSpot scripting.
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