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Release time again: HoudahGeo 1.3

(Giving MarsEdit a try)

Over the past weeks, a couple of Leopard incompatibilities have shown up in HoudahGeo. As I was already working on a HoudahGeo update, I decided to rush things a bit and make HoudahGeo both a feature and bug fix release.

HoudahGeo fixes some minor and major Leopard issues. In previous versions, Google Earth export has proven to be unreliable on Leopard. Also, an API change - a fix - on Apple's side made reimporting images into HoudahGeo troublesome. The system API finally respects time zone information in EXIF tags. HoudahGeo did not expect this.

On the feature side you will find: XMP sidecar support, improved Google Earth export, customizable EXIF/XMP export,...