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HoudahSpot 2.1

Today marks the release of HoudahSpot 2.1. Thus update is just about as important as the release of HoudahSpot 2.0.

Wasn't HoudahSpot 2.0 a complete rewrite? How can an incremental update get even close to being as important? Short answer: BlitzSearch.

Thanks to BlitzSearch, HoudahSpot 2.1 now is a complete replacement to Apple's Spotlight UI. No more: let's just do a plain Spotlight search for starters. Oh well, gotta switch over to HoudahSpot after all.

With BlitzSearch, queries can be started with the same convenience as Apple's Spotlight menu. Only down the road you will find the full power, flexibility and customizability of HoudahSpot.

Spotlight (the UI) is dead, long live Spotlight (the technology).