Day 6: EPCOT & Magic Kingdom

We start the day very early - too early for me :-) At first, we drop the rental car off at the Car Care Center. Before we do that, we have to fill up the tank - the vehicle drinks 12 gallons, for a 300 plus kilometers drive, that's twice as much as our "european" car needs! From the Car Care Center, a shuttle bus takes us to EPCOT, were we arrive just a few minutes before the park opens. We head straight for the Soarin' adventure, a really cool indoor ride which lets you believe you're flying over California. We grab a Fastpass so we can ride this thing a second time about an hour later. We then do a the "Living with the Land" ride, which takes us thru greenhouses and a fish farm. We'll do this ride later for a second time, just to take some pictures - there are really no wait times this morning. After having crossed over to the Future World - East side of the park, we ride "Test Track". It's a not too exciting, but pretty fun ride. It's soon time to grab some lunch, and we walk over the World Showcase part of EPCOT. I have a veggie platter at Tangerine Café in Marocco, while Pierre enjoys Chicken Teriyaki just next door in Japan - it's a small world, after all :-) We head back to Future World and successfully search for a Coca Cola store where you can sample soft drinks from all over the world. Before we leave EPCOT for today, we have to visit The Living Seas aquarium - that's the place we dived two days ago. Today, we can have a look at the turtles, dolphins, sharks, rays and other fish from the dry side of the glass windows. We do the family ride "The Seas with Nemo & Friends" just for fun and because there's no wait at all - it's a really cute ride with all the famous characters from Finding Nemo.

Finally, it's about 3 PM when we leave EPCOT and go back home, to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. By now, we're really tired. While Pierre has to do some work, I immediately fall asleep as soon as we're back in our room, and I only wake up more than one hour later. We decide to go downstairs to Uzima Pool for a quick swim and then take the bus for Magic Kingdom, where we arrive around 6.30 PM. At first, we walk over to Fantasyland where we have pizza at Pinocchio Village Haus. Just "next door" in Frontierland, we do the famous Big Thunder Mountain ride and get wet on Splash Mountain. On our way to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, we come across the evening parade, very beautiful with hundreds of colorful light bulbs. There's virtually nobody at the Pirates ride after the parade, around 8.45 PM, and we just exit the ride to see some of the fireworks display - we also got a gimps at Tinkerbell flying across the sky - always a very "magic" moment. As soon as the fireworks is over, we run with the crowd for the bus and get back home.

© 2008 Susanne & Pierre Bernard - Text & Images