Day 4: Dive Quest & Halloween Party

We start the day late and take a bus to EPCOT around noon. From there, we take the walkway to Disney's Boardwalk Resort - the sun is burning and unfortunately, we did not apply any sunscreen lotion because the sky was pretty cloudy in the morning. Weather conditions change quickly here. While we are having lunch in one of Boardwalk Resorts restaurants, a tropical rain shower goes down. After lunch, we have the opportunity to see a model room of Boardwalk Resort - it looks very nice, bright and spacious. We continue strolling along the waterfront boardwalk and get to the Beach Club Resort. One of the front desk concierges kindly shows us one of the DVC studio rooms they have here. Finally, it's time to go and search for the bus to the EPCOT front entrance, were we're supposed to be at 5.15 PM for our Dive Quest adventure. That's when we have to find out that there only boats from this resort to the back entrance of EPCOT. A hotel concierge tries to figure out how we could get to the front entrance - it would be a rather complicated procedure, and we would never make it in time. That's when he decides to call one of another staff member who would take us over there by car - that so helps us out! We make it to the EPCOT front entrance just in time - thanks to those nice people at Beach Club Resort front desk!

Along with five other divers, we are being welcomed to EPCOT's aquarium The Living Seas where our Dive Quest is to take place. After a short introduction and some explanations behind the scenes, we change into our dive suits and start our dive in the aquarium. There were so many cool things about this dive - like the sharks, which came really close, the sea turtles and the rays. But there was another very interesting thing to this adventure: the audience on the other side of the thick glass windows. It's so cool to play and interact with them, kids and grown-ups as well. After 40 minutes, we have to get out of the water and go back to the changing rooms, walking right across the aquarium building in almost full dive gear and fully soaked :-)

It is about 8 PM when we finally leave EPCOT and head for Magic Kingdom. We have tickets for tonight's "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party". The park is very busy, some of the guests dressed up "Halloween style". We do the Space Mountain roller coaster, see the 3-D show "Mickey's Philharmagics" and ride the Haunted Mansion - and most important, we stop by some of the "trick or treat" stations to collect lots of sweets :-)

© 2008 Susanne & Pierre Bernard - Text & Images