Day 3: Typhoon Lagoon & Specialty Cruise

Yesterday evening, we decided to go to Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park today instead of Sea World's Aquatica Water Park, which is quite expensive and difficult to get to without a rental car. We arrive at Typhoon Lagoon around noon. The weather is cloudy but dry so far, the park not too busy. Due to that, we are able to do the "Crush 'n' Gusher" water coaster six times in a row, before heading on to explore the rest of the park. Floating on a tube, Castaway Creek takes us around the park in a 20 minute ride. We then go on to snorkel with Sharks, Stingrays and colorful reef fish in Shark Reef. It is a fascinating experience, even for scuba divers like us. The water temperature is very low, but nevertheless, we do "the ride" twice. We go on to do some more water slides, like all three Storm Slides, the Humunga Kowabunga slide and the rafting adventure Gangplank Falls. Meanwhile, raindrops start to fall, but it doesn't really matter. We don't want to miss Typhoon Lagoon's Surf Pool and jump right in. It's a huge pool, actually, which produces impressive single waves - it's really nothing like other wave pools. In the distance, we can hear thunder. At this point, visitors are asked to leave the pool and all water attractions are being closed. Within minutes, a fully grown tropical thunderstorm develops. It's around 3.30 PM by now. We decide to wait for a while, but the rain is not going to stop, and therefore we decide to leave the park, heading back to Animal Kingdom Lodge.

For dinner, we take a bus to Downtown Disney - Marketplace and have delicious sandwiches at the Earl of Sandwich. From Downtown, we take another bus to the Yacht Club Resort, where we board our Specialty Cruise to see EPCOT's Illuminations fireworks display. We share the boat with only eight more people - it was a really nice ride on the lake, and the Illuminations show was just amazing. We disembark at Yacht Club Resort and walk over to EPCOT, were we plan to take a bus back to Animal Kingdom Lodge. First, we get to the back entrance of EPCOT, where a kind security guard informs us that we are now between France and England (well, until now, I was pretty much convinced of being in Florida ...) and that we need to get to the EPCOT front entrance. The guard opens the gate for us. We cross EPCOT, which is quite a walk, in order to get to the bus station. We arrive back at Animal Kingdom Lodge around 10.30 PM.

© 2008 Susanne & Pierre Bernard - Text & Images