Day 15: End of Vacation

We have to get up early today, because we’re scheduled for having breakfast at Lumière’s at 8.15 AM. After that, we have to disembark. When picking up our luggage in the cruise terminal hall, only two of our three bags seem to have made it – my large duffle bag (where are the dirty clothes are in) is missing. The hall is pretty empty, and the bag is nowhere to be found – we have to fill in a form with all the details about our missing luggage, and Disney will have to take care of it. We board the bus to the airport, and after only 45 minutes we’re at Orlando International. The missing bag has not been found yet, and therefore, we proceed to the check-in. We check back with Disney’s Lost and Found before we go on to the gate – and that’s when we’re told that yes, they found the bag in Port Canaveral but no, it will not make it to the airport in time. They will have to ship it, then. Nobody can tell us what happened to the bag – most likely, somebody took it with him and later found out that it’s not his, and then just left it somewhere. Our plane to Charlotte, North Carolina takes off at 1.50 PM. In Charlotte, there’s only one hour layover time – just enough to have a cup of Starbucks coffee before boarding the plane to Frankfurt, Germany. We touch down at 6.30 AM local time – two hours later, our third flight in a row takes off for Zurich, where we arrive at 9.20 AM.

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