Day 14: Castaway Cay, again

Before breakfast, we go to pick up a map and instructions for the Scavenger Hunt on Castaway Cay island. It’s a very entertaining riddle game and doubles as a self-guided walking tour, as you follow the hints all over the developed part of the island. We succeed in finding the answers to all questions and therefore find the place where we can claim our treasure, a medal with a Mickey head. We then head for the snorkeling lagoon at the family beach. There are some quite large and very friendly fish, and there are some sunken “surprises” like a statue of Minnie Mouse to explore. But on the other hand, there are just too many snorklers, there’s not too much to see and the visibility in the area is not too good. After having had lunch at Cookie’s BBQ, we head straight for the adult-only Serenity Bay area. When we get there, it starts to rain. Nevertheless, we start a snorkeling tour of our own in these shallow waters. We discover a lot of tiny little interesting marine life, and the visibility here is quite superior to the one in the snorkeling lagoon. We have some fun taking some underwater picture while all the other adults abandon the beach because of the rain. When we get back to the beach, there’s hardly anyone left – but right now, the sun comes out again. For the last hour or so, we share the whole beach with only three other guests. After 4 PM, we walk back towards the cruise pier. On the way, we encounter some of the island’s wildlife, like lizards and birds, and also have a look at the beautiful plants and flowers. At the Bahamian post office, we drop of the postcards we’ve just written at the beach. We’re back on the boat by 4.30 PM, we are among the last ten passengers to have returned. We chill out in the pool, before we have to go and pack our bags. Our last dinner takes place at Lumière's restaurant – it’s the last time we share the table with our friends from Texas, and the last time we’re being served by this great waiter team: Conrad, Dwaight, Alenka, Alvin and Michelle. There’s a last goodbye in the Atrium, with all the Disney characters and the crew members. It finally rains some “pixie dust”, which marks the official end of this cruise. Our large bags are being picked up outside the room by our stateroom host.

© 2008 Susanne & Pierre Bernard - Text & Images