Day 13: At sea, again

The Disney Magic is on its way from Cozumel to our second stop at Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. We will be at sea for the whole day and there wont be much to do. Therefore, we get a bit more sleep and have late breakfast. We then head for the outside area on deck 4 in order to just relax, read a book, listen to music and write yesterday’s travel blog ☺ We have some lunch at Parrot Cay restaurant and then proceed to the Towel Folding lesson that is held by the housekeeping staff. Every evening, our stateroom host sets a towel animal on our bed – today, we can learn to do some of these animals ourselves. One of the folding instructors happens to be our own stateroom host. His name is Made and he’s from Bali. In the afternoon, we head for the Fitness Center on Deck 9. There’s of fitness equipment just in front of forward facing windows. This way, when working out on the home trainer, you feel as if you are actually going somewhere ☺ After working out, we jump into the pool on the outside deck. We have some coffee at the Quite Cove adults-only Café as the sun sets behind the boat. Today, there’s an award-winning show in the Disney Theater, and we’re not going to miss that. The show is called “Dreams” and is very well done, with lots of Disney music, Disney characters and some special effects. Dinner is at the Parrot Cay restaurant – it’s a seafood-based Captain’s Gala Dinner, but luckily, they also serve also the “normal” food. It’s delicious, as always. At 11.01 PM, there’s a Movie Premiere at the theater. The picture is called “Beverly Hills Chihauhua” – it’s pretty funny and very cute, with lots of talking dogs. Lots of families with kids attend the premiere, and some of them brought pillows and blankets with them. Since we have to change back to the Florida time zone, it’s around 2 in the morning when the movie is over – and many moms and dads have to carry their sleeping children up to their staterooms.

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