Day 10: At sea

Today we sail from Castaway Cay to Grand Cayman. For us guest, this means a day at sea.

We start the day lazily with a late breakfast at Topsider Buffet. We get a glimpse of the coast of Cuba. We learn that we had passed Havanna around 8 AM. 

Before lunch we go see a presentation on "The making of the Magic". Disney Imagineers based the exterior design of the Disney Magic upon those of the classic cruise ships. The Disney Magic was built in Italy. Unlike its sister ship, the Wonder, it was built in two pieces which were welded together at midship. Both ships have a capacity of 2700 guests and 990 crew members. Presently all guest cabins are filled, but the ship is not booked to full capacity.

For lunch we head to the Italian buffet at Parrot Cay.

In the afternoon, we take the "Art of the Theme Show Ship Tour". We learn a lot of details about the attention that went into every aspect of the interior design. On the Magic, one can find about 100 styles of carpeting. Other cruise liners are usually limited to about a dozen. Here each area has a carpet to match the theme and the purpose of the location. Carpets leading to the pool are blue. Those leading to the theatre are red. Decks with only staterooms show dolphins in front of the elevators. Entertainment floors show anchors. We also learn about the subtle differences between the Wonder and the Magic. While sharing the exact same layout, some of the restaurants have different names and theming on the Wonder. Then we go see where the two halves of the Magic were welded together during construction.

Finally it is time for some quiet time. We head to a lounge chair on deck 4 to do some reading. A couple comes up to us and asks for us to take their picture. Indeed formal night is coming up. Many people have already donned their best dresses and have their pictures taken. It turns out this very couple is from Germany. We really wouldn't have figured we'd run into Europeans!

Next we get dressed up ourselves to go see "The Golden Mickeys" show at the Walt Disney Theatre. This Broadway-style show features scenes and songs from many of Disney's famous animated films.

While others already enjoy their lunch, we go to the fitness center for a short workout followed by a dip in the adult pool on deck 9.

Then we dress up again for our 8:30 seating for dinner at Lumière's. The restaurant manager comes to our table to explain that he has to switch our table over to another team of servers. Usually, one has a team of two servers who follow guests on the dinner rotation between restaurants. Even though one visits a different restaurant each night, one always keeps with the same servers. Not us. Starting today we are looked after by another team. For the inconvenience, we are rewarded with a complimentary glass of wine each.

Even though we spend two nights at the same restaurant, today's menu is different from yesterday's. Food is excellent nonetheless. Actually the Cheese Soufflé I have for an appetizer is so good that I have another one for desert.

© 2008 Susanne & Pierre Bernard - Text & Images